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spatial designers for the betterment of humanity’s social needs




“How might we leverage the design of urban spaces to help solve social issues in our cities?”

Urban spaces are intrinsically tied to social issues within our city by the fact that they provide an incubator for social issues to occur.

Housing affordability, environmental sustainability, and social stability are all issues that can be made better or worse depending on how we view and construct the spaces in which we live.

As spatial designers, we are equipped with a unique understanding of spaces from the macro urban scale to the micro human scale.
We simultaneously understand the inequality built into the way the city is planned, and identify how that influences the opportunities your grandchildren will have in the future.

It is our mission to apply our skills and expertise to help solve the toughest problems our cities face now and into the future, by identifying opportunities for spatial design to help solve these problems.




and investigate how current social issues can be worsened or improved through good architectural and urban design


the views and opinions of the individuals & communities most affected by these issues to understand how they we can improve the situation


social issues in detail to understand the underlying causes & effects, gathering information and data to inform our understanding


the data into informative graphics to illustrate underlying trends and provide unexpected insight into social issues.


possible spatial solutions to the issue and identify opportunities within the urban fabric to provide intervention.


and develop ideas into realistic and buildable urban design solutions.


the developed solutions through a professional and detailed design and delivery process.


the execution process and end results to evaluate it’s success and provide insight for future improvement.


our research and solutions to other regions affected by the same issue provide relief to other communities.



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