Women’s Domestic Violence

As our first pilot project, VIGILANTi decided to tackle a wide reaching social issue that affects many people in Sydney at this very moment, Women’s Domestic Violence.

In Australia, ‘domestic violence’ (DV) refers to violence that occurs between two people who are or has been in an intimate relationship. On the other hand, the violence between member of other forms of familial relations is termed as ‘family violence’ (FV). As domestic and family violence is often interconnected, this paper also considers violence perpetrated against the children of intimate partner violence victims. Violence includes “physical, sexual, financial, emotional or psychological abuse” (Phillips, J. and Vandenbroek, 2014).
Both the Commonwealth Government and the state governments has identified domestic violence as a national problem. A four-part National Action Plan to Reduce Violence against Women and Children 2010-2022 was initiated in 2014 (Phillips, J. and Vandenbroek, 2014). The NSW government has recently reformed their framework in the form of the “It’s Stop Here” program and has committed $60 million to domestic and family violence in addition to the $148.5 million received from the National Action Plan.

VIGILANTi undertook a 3 month research and consultation process to understand the current situation surrounding domestic violence, it’s impact on the city and current strategies for mitigation. This involved a review of current research literature surrounding the issues, both in Australia and abroad, as well as consultations with parties involved in domestic violence prevention, including government bodies, non-government service providers as well individual people who have experienced domestic violence.

We are currently compiling our research findings to illustrate how the issue of domestic violence is influenced, and at times exacerbated, by our urban environment, as well as developing a series of tactical urban design interventions that could help provide relief those who are currently suffering, recovering, or at risk of violence within our city.

To find out more information about Domestic Violence or if you wish to seek help, please see below for useful links:

In an emergency, call 000



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